Having worked in English language teaching in Spain for 5 years, the benefits of exchanging the classic classroom environment for taking English classes online is becoming increasingly apparent. Being that Spain is probably a more traditional and conservative country compared to my native England or some northern European countries, it appears that convincing the typical Spaniard of the benefits of learning online can be a challenging task. So why would anyone consider taking private English language classes online as opposed to physically attending classes in a school?

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In an increasingly globalised world and a more technologically based way of life, much communication in business and personal circles is being made via telephone or video conference (on a PC or smartphone). Therefore, students who attend face to face language courses in a school are ill-equipped to handle the afore-mentioned forms of communication since they have been trained to understand and communicate in a face to face environment with all the stimuli that this involves. Since classroom teaching involves more body language, increased physical energy and better sound quality (such as different stimuli to a telephone call or a video conference) their performance in a telephone or video conference environment (such as Skype, messenger) is unsurprisingly lower than what it could or should be. To develop this argument further, most exams listening sections have no visual part which would mean students who take classes online would be more used to just hearing the English in an exam due to the reduced body language involved in private online classes 어린이 화상영어.

Another advantage of online English classes is that working on the internet, a student has the benefit of being able to conduct his or her learning in multiple environments such as at home, work, in the garden. The internet doesn’t limit you to a specific physical location where everyone has to meet meaning that the student has greater liberty. This means that there is less chance of their missing classes.

A further benefit is the financial benefit. In Spain it is very typical to do private individual English classes. This can and should cost anything between €20 to €45 (in academies or with good, experienced teachers whose mother tongue is English) per hour. An English class via Messenger or Skype online can be and probably should be significantly cheaper than the afore mentioned top end price with an experienced and high quality teacher, due to the absence of the necessity of travelling to see the client and due to the fact that no class room is required.

It should also be noted that most software programmes like Skype and Messenger have a feature where the student can receive teacher notes directly to their PC. The advantage of this is that the student is not focused on taking notes but in fact he or she is fully focused on the class. In a face to face class the client may not be able to fully absorb the ongoing teaching as he or she is also concentrating on taking notes.

A final advantage of private English classes online is that a normal face to face 1 hour class can take 2 hours out of the schedule of a teacher or a student due to the travelling involved, especially in big cities. By doing classes via video conference, people with tight schedules whether that is a student or teacher can fit more classes in. As we are increasingly busier, this is becoming a more significant advantage.

There are other advantages of course, many of which are associated with the technology that is implemented with online classes such as a class MP3 recording but I have tried to highlight some of the principle ones in this article. As technology becomes more and more a part of our lives, people, even Spaniards, should consider online English classes a very viable and the most sensible option.

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