There are many ways to increase fat burn for weight loss, and eating chicken is just one of them. It is certainly fine to eat poultry to aid in helping in your quest to lose weight. Chicken is a lean protein and protein is extremely important in our weight loss efforts.

Eating chicken for weight loss is a smart choice. Although most people make the mistake of eating much too much of it. Large portions are not necessarily better. The size of your fist is what you should be aiming for as the amount of lean protein that your body requires.

Eating chicken for weight loss is something you should be doing a few times per week. Although chicken is not the only food you should be eating to burn fat. Here are 10 fat burn tricks you can use to further increase your diet efforts.

1. Make sure to eat a variety of foods. Add sources of lean protein, such as fish, tuna, turkey, or pork to your diet.

2. Be sure to eat fibrous foods, like vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, cauliflower.

3. Try to eat more beans for more protein and consider making home made hummus. Also eat black beans or kidney beans as well for good sources of protein.

4. Be sure to drink water and lots of it. Make sure it is slightly chilled to help up your metabolism.

5. Add some spices to your foods like chili powder, cinnamon, or red pepper Eat Sleep Burn flakes. These increase your inner metabolism greatly.

6. Add short intense bursts to your workouts. Run your tail off for two minutes, take a break, then go again. Add at least 10 sets of two minutes sprints.

7. Do not eat 4 hours before bed time. I know you have heard that it does not matter because it is how many calories you eat versus how many you expend. This is simply not true. Your body needs to digest your food before you put it rest.

8. Make sure you get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep. This is also of vital importance to losing weight. Remember eating chicken for weight loss works, but it does not equal the importance of sleep for weight loss. You will see results if you give your body the recovery time it desperately requires.

9. Add a green drink to your daily diet. Go to a local health food store and find a decent tasting green drink. These drinks are essential in giving your body the enzymes it requires. We cannot possibly eat the amount of vegetables per day that our body needs.

10. Try to be happy and upbeat as much as possible. When we are feeling down or depressed our bodies will protect itself by reserving all the fat for our brains to function properly. So put on some great music or call a friend.

I hope this has been helpful and that you add some of these suggestions to your daily routine. Start out with one or two and then add them all. You will not be sorry you did. Eating chicken for weight loss is only one great food choice, be sure to combine other fat burning foods as well.

Lori-Ann Petrosino is an avid health enthusiast, with a passion for helping others acheive their best self. She does this through encouraging others to feel and look their best in all areas of mental and physical health.

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