A popular choice of leather goods is leather because of its timeless style and great ability to add character and richness to a wardrobe. Leather products can be made from genuine hide or artificial leather but the most sought after materials are full grain and top grain leathers. These are considered by far the best quality leathers available and are renowned for their great looking styles and versatility.

Importing Leather Goods from China: A Complete Guide

Leather products are used in many different industries from automotive products to luxury fashion garments and leather luggage has recently become a very popular item type on the luxury fashion list. There are many different types and sub-types of leather luggage on the market today and it is important to understand the differences between them before making your final purchase decision. It is important to remember that the finishing process of leather luggage will affect its durability and comfort. Different types of leather luggage have different finishing processes and this can have a significant impact on the life span and quality of the product. Here are some common types of leather luggage to help you identify the product type that best suits your individual needs.

Full Grain – This is the most expensive leather material available on the market and is one of the most popular types of leather goods to purchase giay ca sau. The majority of full grain leather goods will have dark skin with an oily or waxy texture, usually described as suede-like. The leather is undamaged and very soft. It has a natural resistance to cracking and stretching which makes it a very attractive product to purchase. It has the ability to withstand water damage and is resistant to wrinkles. Due to its exceptional quality, full grain leather goods are often recommended for use in high traffic areas such as car interior fittings and electronics.

Top Grain – This type of leather products are usually described as “medium-term” leathers and are made using more animal skins. The hides are harvested from young cattle that are still covered with hairs. They are then processed to remove excess skin and cut into thin strips to form the upper layer of leather. This is one of the most durable leathers on the market but due to it’s soft feel, does not suit many high-activity applications.

Top grain leathers are ideal for high-activity uses such as sports equipment. They are also ideal for making bags, belts, and wallets. These types of leather goods are not as durable as full-grain leather so wallets made from these materials may need to be replaced more frequently. Wallets made from top-grain leather have an attractive appearance and can often be found in polished or unpolished forms. They can also be hand stitched to provide a personalized touch. Other top grain leather goods include gun holsters, briefcases, work wear, golf bags, work boots and work gloves.

Low-Density – This type of leather goods is usually made from hide that has been tanned in a tanner and covered with layers of scrap from different skins to give it its pigmented look. The hide is then coated with another sort of stiffener to give it a smooth surface and protection from damage. These are great choices for belts, bags, purses and other low-activity products. Although they don’t last nearly as long as the higher-quality products do, they do offer some of the same benefits. This includes a sturdy feel.

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