Acoustic neuromas (also called vestibular schwannomas) are brain tumors that are a ringing in ears symptom of a more serious problem. Not all symptoms of ringing ears are tumors, but you should always have an Ear Nose and Throat(ENT) doctor run a thorough set of tests to rule out an acoustic neuroma because they are a form of brain tumor.

Often people think the noises that they hear in their ears are temporary and not worth getting a doctor involved. That’s because they think the tinnitus or ringing in ears symptom is a temporary medical problem. In fact, the ringing or buzzing you hear is really a symptom of another more serious condition that shouldn’t be treated lightly.

One of these serious conditions may be having an acoustic neuroma which is a brain tumor. Having the diagnosis of a brain tumor is most alarming, but take some assurance in knowing that these tumors are benign, or non-cancerous. About six percent of all brain tumors are benign vestibular schwannomas.

If for no other reason to seek medical advice, your ringing in ears are symptoms of another underlying health problem like high blood pressure, a thyroid problem, cholesterol issues as well synapse xt as having a brain tumor. These vestibular schwannomas are located deep inside your skull next to nerve centers. Usually, a physician will recommend removal of these tumors.

The good news is that about 10 in every 1 million people develop an acoustic neuroma. The bad news is that the larger the tumor is, the more likely you are to suffer hearing loss. In fact you may already be experiencing some hearing loss in addition to the ringing in ears symptom.

There is a condition call neurofibromastosis Type II (NF2) which is a hereditary disease. NF2 is characterized by tumors that grow on nerves which can impact facial and auditory functions. Not all patients with vestibular schwannomas have NF2. Their tumors only impact auditory nerves so surgery should not inhibit facial nerves and movement.

Once a brain tumor reaches a certain size it must be surgically removed. In some cases hearing will be preserved, but not in all cases. If your hearing is salvaged, it will not be better than it was when the tumor was in your head. In fact, it may be worse.

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