Manchester’s Inc and Co are a new food and drink establishment. This Manchester’s style of fine dining combines fine quality wines with an extensive wine list. The goal is to provide the best food and wine service to our guest in addition to a premium fine dining experience. This establishment was created to offer local and visitors alike a chance to experience world class service combined with fine quality wines.

Manchester’s Inc & Co opened in September 2021. The location was selected by Manchester’s famous DJ; Paul Williams. The location was originally a warehouse turned club known as “The Shed”. This is now a fine dining restaurant with a focus on fine quality food and wine Manchester’s Inc & Co.

The inspiration for creating this fine dining restaurant was to combine two very popular products; fine quality wines and the famous Manchester nightlife. This combination allows for guests to enjoy a high quality meal while enjoying the vibrant nightlife of Manchester. The restaurant has expanded from its original size and will soon be serving over 100 wines, many of which are imported by the bottle. The majority of the wines are produced within the United Kingdom.

Paul Williams, the owner of Manchester’s Inc and Co., knows that the wine selections must meet specific quality standards set by the British government. He personally selects the grapes that are used in producing the wines and only uses the finest British-based Champagnes. The result is a full bodied and beautifully balanced wine that is smooth without being heavy. It is rich and delicious with hints of berry, plum, spice and black pepper.

The food at Manchester’s Inc and Co. is simply fabulous! The chef/owner, Paul Williams, has created an incredible wine menu that offers diners an extensive array of different food and wine choices. The main dishes consist of steaks, fish and chips, salad, pastas, fresh seasonal vegetables, homemade desserts such as pies, tarts and sorbets and all-natural soup to name a few. Desserts include freshly baked cookies and brownies. A speciality of Paul Williams’ is French cuisine, which he loves to serve in his very own restaurant.

Dining at Manchester’s Inc and Co. is a real treat. You will never again feel like you have walked away from a wonderful experience. The staff is friendly and helpful and always has an enthusiastic attitude towards making you the best experience that you could possibly have while in Manchester. If you are looking for a great place to eat, then do not look any further than Manchester’s Inc and Co. You will be glad you made this decision. You will be glad that you tried out this establishment while in Manchester.

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