Every SEO company is different, but many worthwhile businesses have a few similar goals: to help increase your online presence and, ultimately, sales. At the core of every successful SEO organization are a strong relationship and stake-holders relationship. At the end of the day, your SEO firm to work is to partner with you to generate sales, drive traffic, generate leads, and more via search engine optimization. It does not end there, however. For your success as an internet marketer, your SEO organization is critical in helping you reach and maintain that all-important ongoing relationship.

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Your SEO firm should work closely with you and your entire marketing team, elevating you to a key marketing role, instead of working against you, as some optimizers are won’t to do. While the “right” answer may vary from individual to individual, the general rule of thumb is that SEO consultants should strive to foster a positive relationship with their client in order to best benefit their website(s). In other words, your SEO organization should seek to build a relationship with you as a trusted colleague and trustworthy resource, so that your individual SEO needs are met and fulfilled. This way, your organic rankings and organic momentum will continue to build and increase, rather than being depleted and wane as the client fades into the sunset.

Your SEO team should use analytical tools and data analysis to analyze your current search rankings. SEO analysis should be done on a regular basis, allowing you to stay up-to-date and focused on your overall goals. Many companies make the mistake of trying to do everything themselves, at least when it comes to their organic search rankings. While data analysis can provide valuable insight into your current situation, in the end, it is up to you to maintain and grow these rankings. What you do with this information will determine whether your efforts are working for or against you. If you let your SEO consultant to handle the analytical work on your behalf, while you monitor and track your progress yourself via daily analysis and reports, you are less likely to make mistakes that could ultimately cost you money and undermine your reputation within the SEO community.

The most common mistakes made by an SEO consultant are attempting to do too much themselves. For example, too many times an SEO consultant will submit false data analysis reports to search engines like Google and Yahoo, in hopes of tricking them into thinking that they have “better” results than they actually do. By “torting” the data, they hope to artificially inflate their rankings in hopes of gaining a “bounce rate” that is lower than their actual natural search ranking. While this method does work at times, natural search rankings are always better than calculated artificially high rankings, because natural search rankings are completely based on the quality of information provided by real customers. If your SEO consultant tricks the search engines into thinking your company has a better bounce rate than it actually does, you will be devaluing your company’s ability to attract organic traffic SEO company.

Another common SEO consultant tactic is trying to implement “strategy” through blackhat techniques or spamming tactics. Blackhat tactics, which were once only used by unethical webmasters, are generally considered to be spamming under the current laws within the Internet and Google. The best way to avoid the risk of getting blacklisted is to simply ask your SEO consultant if he or she considers the tactics you are considering to be ethical or blackhat. If they answer in the affirmative, politely ask them why they would think that it would be appropriate to use such tactics. Remember that it is up to you to choose whether or not you want to get caught up in the search engine indexing algorithms.

You want to get as many organic search engines as possible, but you also want to make sure you are building relationships with your SEO consultants that will last for the long-term. Organic search engine rankings and high-quality leads don’t just happen. You need to work very hard to gain an edge over the competition and the only way to do that is by having a long-standing relationship with a good SEO consultant. In order to build solid relationships with your SEO consultant, you need to be sure they are using ethical practices and are not wasting your time by blackballing you for trying to promote yourself via blackhat strategies or through unethical tactics. You want to learn as much about the person who is providing your SEO consulting services as you can and this can be done through multiple ways.

Ask for references. When it comes to trusting an SEO consultant, one of the best ways to get solid proof of their abilities is to ask for references from their previous clients. This can help you see what kind of strategies they have been successful with and it can help you learn more about the company as a whole. It can also help you learn how long they have been in business and it can provide you with a good indication of their level of competence and the quality of work they can provide. Asking for a list of references from potential customers can provide you with even more information and can give you a much better picture of what type of services you can expect from them.

Analyze and optimize everything. Asking for optimization packages from an SEO company should not be the be-all and end-all of your optimization needs. If you want to see results and you want to see organic search rankings rise in the future, you need to focus on content creation and content performance marketing campaigns. The two go hand in hand when it comes to effective search engine optimization and getting those first few listings down on the first page of major search engines. An experienced SEO consultant will understand that you need to optimize your website, but he or she will also know which strategies are best for boosting organic traffic and creating long-term traffic that converts into leads and sales.

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