A set of poker chips contains chips of various colors. Each color chip represents a different cash value. In games using unmarked chips, players must determine a value for each chip color prior to the start of the game. Casino poker chips always have the chip value marked on them. The quality of the chips can vary greatly.

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Cheap poker chips for at-home play are made from plastic and easily stored in a plastic stacker that is often included with the purchase. More expensive chips are made of a clay composite and available in weights ranging from 7.5 grams to 13.5 grams or more. The heavier the weight of the chip, the better the quality. Higher quality chips are often sold as a set in a heavy-duty aluminum storage case. These composite chips most often have one of three standard designs stamped around the outside edge. The three standard designs are diamonds, dice or suited (hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades).

The highest quality poker chips are the professional grade chips found in casinos. These chips are made of a heavy weight clay composite. Casino chips usually have the casino logo or a picture of the casino in the center of the chip. The cash value of the chip is also printed on each of the chips. Casino poker chips are worth the actual cash value that is printed on the chip spadegaming.

Each casino has specially designed casino poker chips for use by gamblers at games within the casino. Most casino poker chips are clay composite chips manufactured by Paulson although a few casinos do use ceramic chips.

Casino poker chips are not available in retail stores. Actual casino used chips are destroyed due to safety concerns. Most buying and selling of collectible casino chips is done on eBay. Collectors of casino chips also gather in chat rooms and forums to discuss their hobby.

Poker players wishing to purchase a set of casino-quality poker chips will find similar composite, weight and design chips available from most poker supply distributors. Paulson chips are available from authorized retailers and allow poker players to have the chips made by the same manufacturer as casino chips at home.

Paulson chips set the standard for poker chips. Paulson chips are the highest caliber chips available. While some casinos use ceramic chips, most prefer to use the Paulson chips. Ceramic chips do meet the demands of casinos and players but the preferred choice is always Paulson’s clay chips.

Paulson poker chips are easily identified by the Cane and Hat symbol that is placed around the edge of each chip. Different sets of Paulson chips have different placement of the signature Cane and Hat as well as differing numbers of the symbol on each chip but it is always there. The Cane and Hat symbol, as well as the Paulson name, are found only on Paulson chips.

WPT poker chips are available for purchase through many authorized dealers. WPT, or World Poker Tour, introduced Texas Hold’em Poker as a televised sport in 2003. The roots of today’s overwhelming international Poker interest can be traced directly to the 2003 beginnings of World Poker Tour.

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