5 Major Advantages of Using a Professional Water Blasting Company vs Doing it Yourself

After living in your home for several years, you might realize that the external walls of your home have become dull and your windows stained. Your driveway too might have accumulated stubborn oil spots that might refuse to come off after repeated scrubbing.

If you need to thoroughly clean your homes exterior, your garden wall, your patio or your driveway then an ordinary hose or a bucket full of detergents might not do the job. You will either need to bring in a professional water blasting company that can do the clean-up for you or you could attempt to do the entire job on your own.

Here are 5 major advantages of using a professional water blasting company vs doing it yourself.

1. Safety Is Of Paramount Importance.

A high-pressure blaster will convert the ordinary flow of water to a high-pressure blast with the help of a pump. The entire unit works on electricity. You might have to move around with a long cord that might even remain in contact with water.

Since water and electricity form a lethal combination, it is essential that you protect yourself and your family members and even pets during the water blasting treatment.

The high pressure of the water can also severely injure anyone in its path. The right professional water blasting company will have trained employees that are insured, to do the cleaning thus keeping you and your family members safe and secure.

2. Chemical Pollutants.

There are several harmful chemicals that are used to pry away stubborn stains, mold, rust, etc from the exterior surface of your home. These chemicals seep into the ground and can pose a danger to the surrounding area.

A non-polluting water blasting company can use deionized water to blast away dirt and stains from windows. It can also use the right environmentally friendly chemicals in the right quantity to ensure that specific problems such as scale, rust or blocked drains are cleaned efficiently and with minimum environmental damage.

3. Equipment.

If your home consists of one or two floors then a 3 meter extension pipe would be of no use. You will need special JC Eco Blasting equipment for abseiling, scaffolding and even water-fed poles in order to clean all the high and hard-to-reach places of your home.

Your gutters might also need angled pressure cleaners to clean it effectively. A professional water blasting company might have all the required equipment as well as blasting pumps mounted on trucks that can not only heat the water for better results but also ensure that the right amount of pressure is used for different cleaning applications.

4. Time.

You will certainly require a lot of time and preparation in order set up the water blasting equipment. The entire process of mixing the right chemicals in the right quantity and water blasting individual sections of your home could take up a lot of time.

On the other hand, a professional water blasting company would fix up the time with you,how up at your door with the related equipment and staff and get on the job immediately.

5. Water Usage.

You might end up using a lot of precious water in your home improvement endeavor. If you have mixed the wrong quantity of chemicals or are using cold water where hot water needs to be used then you could only be wasting a lot of time and water without achieving the desired results.

An experienced water blasting company would recognize the right combination of water,chemical and temperature that might be required to restore your home to its original glory.

Thus, even though it might look very easy and seem cost effective to clean your home by yourself, in reality you would require a lot of preparation and the right equipment in order to safely and satisfactorily clean your home.

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