When your tummy is not so flat and much more on the fat side, it helps to look at smart new approaches for flattening your stomach. Most of the abs gimmicks, tricks and advice don’t work and it will all leave you very frustrated.

There may be various reasons for your not so flat stomach. Identifying these underlining reasons and limiting their effects will help you get what you want faster. Flat tummy dreams will become a reality only if you choose to make it a reality, and unfortunately this will require hard work and dedication. Keeping the benefits in mind and the reasons why you want to make that fat tummy flat will help you reach those goals of yours.

Here’s one more reason to consider,¬†excess stomach fat can kill you!¬†Stomach Biotox gold fat can lead to life threatening diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Motivated to lose that fat? Good, let’s have a look at 3 smart new ways to turn “I want flat tummy” dreams into a reality.

Take up Yoga or Meditation

One of the reasons for your stomach being not so flat is your stress levels and the way you handle stress. When you are under periods of high or regular stress, your body produces excess cortisol. This excess production of cortisol, leads to fat being stored in the tummy area. To lessen the effect of stress and to increase your stress coping ability, start practicing yoga or meditation.

Yoga strengthens not only your nervous system, but also your core. Your core is the muscles of your abs and the supporting back muscles. So in effect practicing yoga will leave you relaxed, with a leaner and stronger look to your midsection.

Eat less gas forming foods

When you are bloated, your tummy may look fatter than it really is. So by reducing gas forming foods in your diet, you can make your tummy look flatter. Gas forming food includes cabbage, beans and other sprouts, and sweet corn. Drinking less carbonated soft drinks will also help.

Make hula hooping part of your work out routine

Exercising with a Hula Hoop can be great fun, while having a very effective abs workout. Can you imagine what spinning that hoop around with your stomach muscles can do for you? It’s the perfect exercise to trim fat of your waist while also toning the abs.

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