Are you looking for an extended holiday or wishing to relocate? A villa to rent in Cyprus long term is a great place to take advantage of great rental prices and with flights to Cyprus or UK (it works both ways) coming down due competition amongst the airlines the island is a great place to consider in either case. Family and friends can still see you regularly and you won’t have to miss out on important occasions. Why not have them all over for Christmas, the weather is still very warm and they will love the novelty of being able to ski in the morning and swim in the afternoon. Mount Olympus often has snow from December through to March, but it still in the 20’s down on the coast.

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A villa for rent in Cyprus long term may be an option for you if you are looking to invest with thoughts towards retirement and relocation. Take a good look at Cyprus property for sale, you will find that there is an amazing selection at great prices. The island has much to offer and has recently been chosen by the Homebuyer & Investor Show as the best place to retire based on: income tax, inheritance tax, property tax, property costs, ease of gaining residency, healthcare, climate and culture cho thuê biệt thự Vinhomes.

Which area are you interested in, are you after a coastal villa for rent? Cyprus long term rental in these areas is highly sought after all year round and will probably cost more than a villa in the small villages located in the mountains, but they attract higher rent. Mountain villages are a wonderful way of integrating with the locals and their warmth and hospitality are second to none.

Flights to Cyprus and the UK are inexpensive, so why not book one and come and take a look at villas for rent in Cyprus, long term its best that you plan rather than just fly over and hope for the best, research is the key here.

In Cyprus there is so much to see and do and the weather is stunning, around 320 days of sunshine each year, in the summer months the heat can become famously hot so that villa for rent in Cyprus long term in the mountains or on the coast, is a great idea, the temperatures are usually around 3-5 degrees cooler further up the mountainside, and from most areas it is only a 30-40 minute drive to the beach and the sea breezes.

Mediterranean food, and the diet, is famous the world over and is so tasty and fresh. Fruit and vegetables are picked fresh each day and are usually served in restaurants the same day, can’t get much fresher than that!! Have you tried a Meze? Well if you haven’t just two words of advice: go hungry, or else you won’t finish what is on offer. There are usually 18-14 courses dependent on where you go, you will never eat all there is, and you won’t be expected too but there are many who have tried, and failed.

So if you are looking for a villa for rent in Cyprus long term, why not look on any search engine and go from there, also try searching for flights to Cyprus and the UK, you will find many excellent deals.

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