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The creation of Social networking has altered the way online marketing is delivered to prospective customers; the use of static pages is all but dead having been replaced by Blogging, XML based sites and database driven content.

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As social networking sites like Technorati, Digg, and Facebook grew offering small slices of the marketing message that were reinforced and ranked by their popularity and usefulness to other social network users, the days of keyword bloated static content fell away to a more streamlined marketing medium of what I like to think of as Micro Marketing.

Micro Marketing takes the crux of marketing content and condenses it into a small bite sized chunk that can be quickly posted and linked to the blog or site containing the full marketing article with a shortened URL poe ninja.

When Twitter made its way onto the marketing scene in 2007, they had already realized that marketing messages and materials did not need to be distributed in their full content form to be effective, thus the 140 character Twitter messages.

Short, focused and to the point messages, work just like the front page headline on any newspaper. A well thought out tweet can command the attention of the Twitter user enticing them to click through to read the full article or promotion.

And as Twitter grew so did its users and audience, to include everything from hard core marketing Gurus offering marketing tips to fun loving teenagers sharing bits of their daily lives, all at 140 characters at a time!

So how does all of this make any sense for the small one man business, or the work at home mom that sells her artwork part time? It works because Twitter is the core of a Micro Marketing system that is always on, and does not cost anything, other than your dedication to use it.

Twitter will run by itself with your existing blog, and there are hundreds of tools, plugins, and web based applications that can be integrated into your marketing system and automate your Tweets that will let you meet new potential customers, and build a large group of followers who are interested in your messages.

Getting started with Twitter is simple, go to their website, sign up, pop in some details in your bio so people can learn about who you are and what you are doing on Twitter, and start tweeting!

There are many full featured Twitter clients that keep up on the nonstop tweeting that can be custom configured to meet anyones needs, letting anyone with internet access and an email address to meet, share ideas, opinions, and promote their goods and services 24 hours a day to millions of people.

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