When given the option to watch the Super Bowl or Obama’s State of The Union Address – which one would you pick?

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It is my assumption that, lets say 90% of you answered: the Super Bowl right away. This could be because you are a huge football fan and it could also be that even though you are not a football fan everyone else is watching so you might as well join in on the fun. After all Super Bowl parties are nothing but spectacular. With the endless amounts of beer, wings and dipping options why would you ever want to sit at home and watch Obama’s State of the Union Address?

For over 10 years the professional sports industry, and I am talking about all sports not just football, has hopped on board with educating the public on climate change while also making sure that efforts are put fourth in hopes to make a positive impact on the world and reverse climate change superslot.

Today there is a huge divide between politicians and business leaders (as well as individuals). I am not too sure what your viewpoint is towards politicians but here is mine: they are all scam artists who ‘fight for a cause’ but they honestly could care less. They will sit in front of the TV and tell you that they are going to make a change when in all honesty all they care about is your vote. That vote gets them a paycheck that is much bigger than the one you, and me, are bringing home every week. For example, take the Governor is New Jersey. Over the years he has been denying left and right that climate change is the reason/cause behind all of the extreme weather events that have happened over the past few years. The reason why he continues to deny this has to lie within the pressure from other politicians. When it all comes down to it science proves that our planet is experiencing severe changes in climate – but the politicians are denying it because they are the ones that are fueling the fossil fuel industries. They have to be behind all of these corrupt corporations that are destroying our land – because if they aren’t behind them – no one is.

So when it all comes down to it if you want a message to be heard about the importance of climate change and what we can do to aid in reversing or stopping the change it seems only right that you would want to affiliate your message with the Super Bowl. Everyone is tuned into the TV on that particular Sunday – most of the population is looking forward to the array of new commercials. Businesses are willing to spend top dollars in order to “sway” the people towards their product/service/way of thinking. In my opinion – it is a smart move. You may be paying thousands upon thousands of dollars for a 2 second slot but during that 2 seconds millions of people are receiving the message and taking it with them.

As it turns out this years Super Bowl, more than any other, provided many powerful examples of how small actions have a ripple effect causing huge changes to happen among people. I guess you can say that if someone sees one person standing up for someone or something it could potentially cause others to follow and stand up for the same cause.

The Super Bowl has always been a “green effort” but since it was held in New Jersey, with an absent minded Governor, their green efforts struck a powerful cord without any viewer/attendee even really knowing it.

Overall the Metlife Stadim is a part of the Green Team. The entire Super Bowl was powered by renewable energy and mobile generators that were used during the game relied on bio-diesel fuel – lowering the carbon foot print by a monstrous amount. The stadium generated around 725 tons of waste but more than a quarter of the waste was recycled and more than 200 pounds of food waste was composted. The NFL event organizers also made it a point to make sure that a huge mass transit system was put together so that 80% of attendees could be transported, taking cars/limos/buses off the road. These efforts may have been simple but they made a huge positive impact on our environment.

Metlife Stadium is not the only professional sports complex to be a part of the Green Team. It is my assumption that more than half of the professional sports stadiums also participate – along with every individual on a professional team.

I have to admit – I did not watch the Super Bowl but I do know that the Broncos and the Seahawk’s were up against each other for the title (I did know prior to reading articles). Both NFL teams stadiums are a part of the Green Team and their efforts go above and beyond trying to help the environment – they also want to educate.

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