Most of our day is spent using our eyes. Yet, how much time is spent caring for those precious orbs? As a whole, we take our sight for granted, until something happens to alter it. This usually shows itself in the form of eye disease, which could be greatly reduced or avoided by practicing natural eye health on a regular basis. Let’s look at some ways to care for and protect the eyes, from conception to geriatrics.

Eat the following nutrients during pregnancy to help baby’s eyes develop:
lysine – found in milk, fish, eggs, soy products DHA – fish oil (Omega 3’s); especially important, as low levels can cause blindness beta-carotene – fresh carrots, squash, cantaloupe; any Visiclear orange or yellow-fleshed vegetable will assist natural eye health

Some of the most common causes of eye problems once middle age strikes include overuse of prescriptive drugs and long hours in front of a computer. Here are some natural health alternatives to try:

Bilberry or eyebright teas
Small amounts of zinc supplements, which contribute to the eye’s vascular coating
Spend some time outside. Light therapy is conducive to eye health, as newer window treatments and filtering leye lenses block full-spectrum sunlight. This is especially useful if you wear contacts. Sit outside for thirty to sixty minutes in the early morning or evening to avoid harmful rays. Even sitting on a shaded screen porch is helpful.

Limit intake of aspirin, tetracycline, diuretics, and sulfa drugs – many times homeopathics will aid in getting rid of common ailments if taken as soon as symptoms occur.

Any and all of the antioxidants are wonderful at helping the body to regenerate new tissue, fight cancer and benefit the eyes. Grape seed extract, Vitamins C & E, Coenzyme Q10 and melatonin are a few great ones for natural eye health.

In the elder years, a big concern is age-related macular degeneration. This condition takes place in the retina, and causes loss of vision. There are many factors involved with the macular erosion, but can be countered with trying many of the alternatives above. Fresh blueberries and shark cartilage are also wonderful additions to the diet. Beans and berries, cherries are other great foods that help with natural eye health.

It can seem overwhelming to think of ways to consume the large amounts of foods needed to assist in natural eye health. However, there is a another option. Juicing is a great, fun way to get the vitamins and nutrients you need. There are many types of juicers on the market, and it can be as simple as throwing some large carrots, an apple and some spinach leaves together to make a refreshing drink for great preventive maintenance.

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