Shopping online for used cars can be a bit of a mixed bag. Most of the time, the process goes smoothly and the buyer is pleased with their purchase. However, there is always the threat at the back of your mind that things may not be what they seem. If you’ve decided to find your next previously owned vehicle through the Internet, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself from a raw deal.

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Six Pictures

The first step to buying anything online is separating the wheat from the chaff. You have to first eliminate all the false claims and bogus products before you can even begin to do any sort of price comparison. For used cars, an easy way to find only the quality offerings is to use the six picture rule-don’t waste your time with any listing that has fewer than six pictures.

There should be a clear shot of each side of the exterior, a shot from the driver’s seat, and a shot of the interior. Seeing six pictures will give you a reasonable amount of confidence that the seller is not trying to hide the vehicle’s flaws. Any automotive listing with fewer than three pictures should be a giant red flag, but making the cut off at six ensures that you will only be looking at top quality listings.

Get on the Phone

When shopping over the Internet, the natural inclination is to do all of your communicating through email and text. While this seems logical, the fact remains that the only way to really assess a potential seller is to speak with them in person or on the phone. Often you will have to make a long drive to meet a seller, so it is important to eliminate any obvious snake oil dealers before you make the trip Buy THC vapes cartridges online.

In an email, the other person has time to sit, think, and carefully craft their answer. If they are trying to avoid issues with the vehicle, they will be more successful in text than they will in the immediacy of a phone call. After making the initial contact online, mention that you have a few more questions that you would like to address over the phone. If they refuse to communicate via telephone, they probably don’t have much confidence in what they are selling. If they do agree to talk, have three to four questions prepared ahead of time that you can ask. You don’t necessarily have to try and catch the seller in a lie, but you’ll be able to gauge their reputability based on their answers.

Use Reviews

If you’re using a company that sells multiple used cars online, there are likely reviews somewhere on the web that you can access. Even many civilian sales sites allow for user feedback on a person’s account. If at all possible, find as many reviews and other bits of feedback as you can. While you should never take anything written online as gospel, a solid stock of reviews can give you an idea of the kinds of things to watch out for.

Buying a car online can be a headache, but if you know how to protect yourself, you can save a lot of time, money, and energy. Get connected and find out what’s available for you today.

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