It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on the forum and blogs due to a heavy amount of new business we have recently received and I apologize for that. A recent question was asked by one of my clients about using automated search engine optimization software and I thought it was a great topic for discussion here. So let’s begin.

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Get Thousands of Links Instantly

There are plenty of software programs available that make this claim. Most of the ads that I’ve run across in the last 10 or so years are very compelling but you must understand how things work before investing your hard income on these gimmicks. It’s easy to think if these services were to work everyone would be doing it right? Well the answer is yes and no. Most people don’t even know what SEO is so that’s where you would get the answer no. The people that do know a little about SEO might try these software platforms only to be let down. Let’s examine a few ideas that these programs try to sell and see if they work in the real world. In this article we’ll be discussing quality, quantity and indexing of links Oliver Wood Perth.

Quality of Inbound Links

People will argue that a link is a link and to get as many as possible is the way to get your website promoted on the search engines faster. This is simply not true for a simple fact that there are site that tag links with a no-follow. A no-follow tag means that the site is instructing the search engine crawlers to not look at that link and there by not giving your website any credit for that link. Another misconception is having links on sites with a low page authority. Google displays their authority ranking with a page rank but has admitted to doing away with it because it wasn’t such a great tool to go by. There are thousands of sites with lower Google page ranks displaying much higher on the search engine results do to proper SEO techniques such as this one. If you are trying to build links, make sure they do come from reputable sites that everyone would recognize such as any major news site, any celebrity, any radio station site, etc. These type of website have high authority, high visibility and have often been around for years. Unfortunately most of the automated programs only link your site to pour or spammy sites which will get you in hot water. I’ve seen some not only get de-indexed, some have actually been marked as spam and black listed.

Quantity of Inbound Links

The more the merrier is the standard from of thought with regards to links. Yes it’s true that having a ton will not hurt you as long as the amount of links do not come overnight. If you have a new website and instantly add a thousand links to it there better be a good reason why your site is so popular or else your site will get sandboxed. Getting sandboxed basically means that the search engines will penalize your site and take you off their radar for any given keyword searches. They figure that you have attempted to enter the world of illegal tactics to promote your site and thus will jeopardize their search engine with bad information for their viewers. The quantity of link building daily or monthly is not an exact science so there is no real answer on how many you should build. The general understanding is to look as natural as possible. This is accomplished by having links produced from various IP address, over time, from trusted sources, not too many from the same sources and having overall link diversity. Again with automated software you might be getting too many links to fast and this is a major no no.

Indexing 101

To get your site indexed is the basic tool of website development. Indexing is the recognition of your site or links to the search engines. This may be accomplished in many different ways. Again as with anything SEO related, it doesn’t happen overnight. It sometimes take the crawlers hours to months to index things. This is actually a good thing as it helps to spread out your link development and look more natural. The bad part is you have to wait for this to happen. Some of the ways people have been able to get sites and link indexed vary. I could mention them here but then I would be giving away too many secrets. The important thing to understand here is that your site and links must be indexed in order to improve your rankings on the various search results. There are a few programs available to help speed up the process and make this automated but then you’ll run into the problems I’ve spoken about previously.

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