Roofing tiles – or roofing shingles, as they are also known – have been around for centuries. Ancient civilisations also used roof tiles in a variety of materials. As a highly reliable construction product, it isn’t surprising that tiles continue to be a common roofing solution. What are the benefits of roofing tiles, and what kind of advancements in them do we see today?

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It’s important to recognise that roof tiles can be manufactured from a variety of materials. Wood, plastic, stone, fibre and metal are among the more commonly used materials; however the material used most is asphalt, this tile material will be the focus of this article.

Asphalt (or bitumen) tiles are typically made by coating a glass fibre mat with a mixture of oxidised coating bitumen and limestone mineral filler mái tôn khung sắt. Coloured mineral granules are usually embedded in the surface of the filled bitumen. These asphalt tiles will be the focus of this article.

Benefits of Roofing Tiles

Due to the way they are made and laid, roofing tiles become a feature of the house. They come in a range of sizes and even colours, so aesthetically speaking they can be a beautiful part of the home.

Asphalt tiles are designed to be water shedding rather than water tight, laid in overlapping rows that direct water down the slope of the roof toward the gutters. This means that a roofing membrane needs to be adhered to the roof before the tiles can be laid. This membrane is manufactured from various products, though bitumen is the most popular material.

Today asphalt tiles are fixed to the roof using nails and clips. These relatively new systems have made laying roofing tiles a much quicker job. They also contribute to safer roof access – although this doesn’t negate the importance of taking adequate safety precautions when accessing a tiled roof.

Roof gutters attached to tiled roofs may at times get a thin layer of grit layering the bottom of the gutter. This is caused – over time – by some tiles shedding the granules that are used in their manufacturing. These granules alone won’t block the gutters or drainpipes, or even damage the gutters; nonetheless the gutters should be cleaned out regularly to stop the build up.

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