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Situs Judi, also known as Judi Ka Jek, is a fictional character created in Indonesian literature. It is the story of an Indonesian girl called Miey, who is a committed vegetarian and is forced to work in a brothel by her cruel employer. She meets an American named Ronny and becomes his girlfriend. While working in the brothel, she also suffers the harassment of the guards. When one of the guards is injured, Miey has enough faith in herself to get herself admitted into the hospital.

Situs Judi tells the story of Miey’s tragic experiences after being ‘recruited’ into the army, but then later is deserting her post and joining the Muslims in Australia, and later travelling around Southeast Asia. During this period, she develops amnesia and is ‘lost’ in Malaysia, presumed dead. Her former husband appears from behind and makes contact with her, and the two marry and start a new life together. However, things go wrong and Miey must travel through Southeast Asia – which was previously ruled by the Dutch – to reach the shores of Singapore and Malaysia, where her erstwhile husband is involved in political turmoil.

This historical novel tells the story in two acts, as the first act progresses with Miey learning about her past and what happened to her during the two earlier trips situs judi tembak ikan. The second act follows Ronny and Miey in their quest to find the former Malaysia rulers. This quest leads them through Indonesia, through the peninsular and into Borneo, and then on to Vietnam, the capital of China, and finally to Singapore, where they encounter their former employers and the evil Dr. Sun, whose aim is to absorb all evil in Borneo, including Miey’s half-brother, Uday. This book contains many subplots that are beautifully woven together by Suetapan. For example, there is a mention of the Inipetus, or Moon, from whom Miey takes her half-brother, Uday, after getting captured by Dr. Sun in Vietnam.

In Memoriam Miey (The Female Snake) by Situs Judi Tanjung baek (Situ Jerod), Satus Judi Tebayakhan Tanjung (Sandra), Satus Judi Tebayakhan Perhentian (Sandra), Satus Judi Tercichman (Michelle), and the first installment of the penultimate novel, wherein Miey goes to Borneo to help her aunt to recover from her illness. All these novels are richly textured and well-written. They are not easy to put down.

But then, maybe one does not need to be an avid reader in order to enjoy these books? Just take a look at their cover art and you would see the picture of a beautiful lady on a horse. You may think she is looking at an advertisement for a health club! That would be because she is a member of the Sanghirah Women’s Golf and Country Club. Or maybe she is looking at an advertisement of a spa resort where she can enjoy the beauty of Jatamansi River and surrounding mountains during a relaxing massage.

There is no doubt that women have made a lot of progress in almost all aspects of society. However, still, there are many issues women face when it comes to equal opportunity in the workplace and society in general. Being a woman in Indonesia is a challenge in itself. And the only way to overcome such challenges is by being aware and learning how to swim well, both in and out of the pool.

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