So you’re thinking about buying a new LCD TV? Great, but it’s really important to spend your hard earned cash on a TV that’s perfect for you, your home and your wallet! So, we’ve put together a short ‘Top 10 Tips’ guide to help you make the most out of your new LCD TV.

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This is a great time of year to be thinking about electronic big-ticket items and high definition LCD TVs are hot products that we’re all looking to buy at the moment. Here’s what you should remember…

1. Be sure you know the price market…LCD and plasma sets are both lower in cost than ever before right now. Once you’ve got a price range in mind, stick to it. That way you’ll never regret spending too much afterwards!

2. For the most reliable quality in picture, sound, and performance, the big name brands are usually the better choice to stick to, but some of the smaller companies are beginning to challenge their dominance. Many of the models like JVC and Sony are known for quality, while LG is quickly becoming a quality player in the LCD TV world Maxisys Elite.

3. A good idea is to look for clearance models and older sets that are being priced to move. The year’s newest models are all going to command top dollar price and you can save a lot of money by taking one of last year’s perfectly fine models home with you instead. Models that are only just out of season drop massively in price, however they often have exactly the same features as the latest model in the range!

4. You can get more reductions off your television by asking if they have floor or demonstration models available. As they’re already out of the box, its normally a nice way to save cash, but be sure there are no faults or damage to the unit, and insist on the regular warranty too. Check the LCD out at the store and look at the screen from different angles.

5. Take advantage of savings that can be had online. Stores like Amazon can offer incredible savings as they don’t have the overheads that physical stores do. Also Amazon have regular sales and discounts to suit the season, so there’s always a bargain to be had! Finally Amazon have a huge reputation for being reliable and having great customer service, So why not find a model you like in store, then see if you can save on its price with Amazon?

6. As a general rule of thumb, go for image quality over screen size. Its actually possible to get a television with an LCD screen that is too big for your room! You don’t want to find yourself dwarfed by a screen that hurts your eyes to watch. You should be able to sit 10 feet away comfortably and still have a great viewing experience.

7. 1080p LCD TV or a 1920 x 1080 set will offer some of the most bang for your buck, with great picture quality and outstanding definition. Always go for great picture quality as a priority and don’t forget to match the television size and features to its planned use, for instance a portable for the bedroom or a large screen for video gaming.

8. Check the reliability rating on any LCD flat screen TV before you purchase it. You can do this by looking at the online sites which show expert and consumer ratings as well as checking the reviews of each model before you commit to purchasing anything.

9. Most of these LCD TV models will come with extended warranties for additional fees, but the reliability of these is good enough to make this strictly optional. Your home insurance policy may cover any accidental damage, so you should decide if an extended warranty is for you.

10. The last and final tip may seem a bit obvious but its something many of us neglect to do! Its really important that you follow the manufacturers guide and take car of your LCD TV set as laid out in the manual, this will not only help extend the lifecycle of your new LCD model, but will also help the warranty remain water tight should the unthinkable happen and your set break down. Follow the care instructions and you should enjoy years of fantastic viewing out of your new model.

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